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Fedora Core 5 out

Category: Linux
Posted: 2006-03-27 05:41, Edited: 2006-03-27 11:41

The Fedora Project has announced the release of Fedora Core 5. According to their website, "New desktop applications, advances in security, better localization tools, improved software installation and management facilities and strong Java integration help to make Fedora Core 5 the most innovative Linux distribution ever."

Included in this release are Gnome 2.14, KDE 3.5, 2.0.2, Firefox 1.5, Xen 3.0, and a rewritten version of the Anaconda installer, to match the new look-and-feel of the distribution.

Fedora has switched to using the reference policy for the SELinux security framework. This supports binary modules, allowing SELinux policies to move into individual packages. Developers can use this to ship site-specific policy customizations. Fedora Core also supports the Multi Category Security (MCS) SELinux policy by default, in addition to Type Enforcement (TE), Muti Level Security (MLS), and Role Base Access Control (RBAC) security policies.

The release also includes new free Java support, Fedora can now compile and run software written in Java without relying upon proprietary and closed Java machine implementations. It does this through the introduction of the completely free software stack java-gcj-compat that runs native and bytecode Java. :cool:

Many packages are now compiled and run on a 100% free and open software stack. These include, Eclipse, Apache Tomcat, and Jakarta. Other Java applications include the popular BitTorrent utility Azureus and RSSowl.

FC5 Release Summary


Gael Duval fired by his own company

Category: News
Posted: 2006-03-17 07:13, Edited: 2006-03-17 13:13

Gael Duval, one of the founders of Mandriva, was fired by his own company as part of a set of cost-cutting measures, designed to help the company recover from its current financial losses. Duval had voluntarily moved to a new branch of the company which was planning to improve its open source community involvement, while the company as a whole has been turning increasingly towards "enterprise" applications, hoping to compete with Red Hat and Novell SuSE, among others. NewsForge reports that Duval intends to sue the company for "abusive layoff", but Mandriva CEO Francois Bancilhon mildly described the decision as part of cost-cutting measures. It remains unclear what the company's next moves will be, as it will face serious competition in the enterprise Linux market sector.


KNOPPIX Version 5.0

Category: Linux
Posted: 2006-03-11 04:52, Edited: 2006-03-11 10:52

The latest release of the Knoppix live DVD Linux distribution is available, with a more "genuine Debian" collection of packages, more and better hardware detection, and improvements to the install to hard disk option. In particular the system now supports updating a hard disk installation from a more recent live DVD or CD. The system includes a Linux kernel, Xorg xserver, KDE 3.5.1, Gnome 2.12, and Open Office 2.0.1.

The first release of Knoppix 5.0 was made exclusively available as a free pressed DVD at CeBIT.

Earliest date 2 weeks after CeBIT, the CD edition of KNOPPIX 5.0 should be ready and will be available for download, together wih the DVD version, from the usual mirrors.

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