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KNOPPIX Version 5.0

Category: Linux
Posted: 2006-03-11 04:52, Edited: 2006-03-11 10:52

The latest release of the Knoppix live DVD Linux distribution is available, with a more "genuine Debian" collection of packages, more and better hardware detection, and improvements to the install to hard disk option. In particular the system now supports updating a hard disk installation from a more recent live DVD or CD. The system includes a Linux kernel, Xorg xserver, KDE 3.5.1, Gnome 2.12, and Open Office 2.0.1.

The first release of Knoppix 5.0 was made exclusively available as a free pressed DVD at CeBIT.

Earliest date 2 weeks after CeBIT, the CD edition of KNOPPIX 5.0 should be ready and will be available for download, together wih the DVD version, from the usual mirrors.

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