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Receiving remote X connections

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Posted: 2006-12-21 06:32, Edited: 2006-12-21 12:32


I use several Linux boxes and I like to open applications on remote boxes and have them displayed on my local Linux machine.

By default openSUSE 10.2 disables this functionality and remote X connections are not allowed. Every time I install or upgrade I need to reconfigure this option and I keep forgetting how to do it. So this time, after search the web for the answer, I thought I would blog about it so that I know where to look next time!!!

By default the X server is started with "-nolisten tcp" which stops remote X clients connecting to the machine. This ability to make remote applications display on the local machine is a major plus point of X and it is something which Windows desperately needs with having to hack the system with various 3rd party workarounds.

Anyway to enable this feature run YaST:

Click on System.
Then /etc/sysconfig Editor.
Select Desktop.
Select Display manager.

Set this to "yes".

Restart the X server and all will be well.

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