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A few more new sites I have been working on

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Posted: 2007-09-01 02:56, Edited: 2007-09-01 07:56

The thing I love about open source is the vast number of turnkey solutions that are available free... free as in beer and free was in speech. If you have an idea for a web site it can quickly be turned into a reality using open source projects. Here are a few sites I have been working on and they are all powered by open source starting at the server with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP:

  • - An web directory powered by the open source application "php Link Directory"
  • - This is similar to and is also running on "php Link Directory"
  • is a weird and odd news site. Although it is a custom script, it is written in the open source language of PHP.

Finally, I have also started another blog called "Review My Site".


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