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Posted: 2005-03-26 08:17, Edited: 2005-03-26 14:17

My last entry was called "Memory Madness" in which I ranted about the memory requirements for Fedora Core 3. A very diligent user (Hi Firdaus) emailed me saying, "Those are the requirements to run fedora in those modes. Certainly not the requirement to run the installer itself." Sticking to my guns I replied "I think you are wrong. I have a 64MB machine here and I can't run the GUI installer, it insists on putting me into text mode." But I did agree to check again... and guess what... I was wrong!!! :(

I have a 64MB laptop, so I put the FC3 CD in and guess what, the GUI installer came up. :roll:

So the FC3 memory figures I quoted last time are for running the system and not for installation... I still have some things to say about the memory usage for a running system, but at the moment I shall slink away with my tail between my legs . :)

(Our should I say my fin as Penguins don't have tails!) :D
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