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Windows Vista memory madness

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Posted: 2005-12-12 03:29, Edited: 2005-12-12 09:29


Some of you may remember my comments on Fedora Core 3 requiring 256Mb of memory to run in my post Memory Madness and Not quite so mad, well Windows Vista is even worse! According to the offical Microsoft Page Windows Vista will need 512Mb of memory and at least a P4 (with a 64 bit or dual core recommended).

Now that is mad! Hooray Linux for only needing half as much!


Should Linux fear Windows Vista

Category: Linux
Posted: 2005-12-12 03:23, Edited: 2005-12-12 09:23


One of the reasons I moved to Linux several years ago was because of the constant need to upgrade Windows, which meant in simple terms more money. Another $70 and then another and so on. So recently Microsoft released the name for the next Windows upgrade (the next $70) called Windows Vista. You can read more about Windows Vista in the Windows Vista Forum. Should Linux fear Windows Vista? I think not... In terms of Operating system advances for the desktop there is nothing I couldn't do on Windows 98 that I can do on XP or Vista (if the software is still available for 98 :( ) And of course that is the big thing, people are forced to upgrade to Windows Vista (in the long term) as the drivers and the software won't be available (in the long term) for previous versions of Windows...

Of course Linux has it's frequent releases cycles, but you aren't forced to upgrade and many products link or FireFox run on older versions of Linux and thus not forcing you to upgrade. In Linux terms I am using an old version, Suse 9.2 when Suse 10.1 is just around the corner. But Suse 9.2 works great, why should I upgrade? :cool:

Happy Linuxing

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